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Welcome to The Saas Admin

This will be a space where SAAS administrators can find common problems, solutions, and ways to make your daily life (or at least your job) easier.
Welcome to The Saas Admin

When presented with a problem in my professional life, I’ve always found myself going to Google to find a pre-built solution that somebody or some team put together. 9 times out of 10 I was right, someone somewhere had experienced this problem before and I was able to locate a script or piece of software that mostly met my need. When implementing new SAAS tools, it was typically the vendor documentation or Subject Matter Experts that I would lean on. However, I noticed over the years that there was a lot of hidden knowledge within the documents and the minds of these experts that I had to cobble together on my own. That’s what led me here.

I’m starting this blog and newsletter to help others like me find unique solutions to their problems managing SAAS apps that maybe hadn’t been shared clearly before. I’ve come across a few other blogs like this that really inspired me to share my experience and tips (you can find those on my Resources page). My hope is to simply build a collection of truly useful and practical resources for owners and admins of SAAS apps.

My goal is to write weekly. In the beginning all content will be free, I'll focus on quality content and figure out possibly adding any paid stuff later. Thanks for reading! Please subscribe to support the site and get notified when new guides or articles are posted!